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We are a team of creative (weird and multi-lingual) bunch united under the passion of creating. 

We will LISTEN to your stories and figure out how to achieve your goals together. 

We take PHOTOS, make VIDEOS, design WEBSITES, build SEO strategies, write blogs, and increase your SALES LEASDS all in one stop...most importantly, make your DREAMS come true.

We stay CONNECTED. Whatever support you need, editing, additional filming, website call it.

Your success is our success.  

We serve in Auckland, Wellington, and other places in New Zealand.

We also have had the privilege of serving in Toronto, Canada, and Tokyo, Japan.

We look forward to hearing your STORY.

Greetings from TOMO NOGI

Karori Production Director

Hi, thank you for visiting Karori Production!


Preserving memories and moments has always been my great source of passion and focus.
In doing so, I have made strong connections with the people that I work with. 


My experience in promotional content, music videos, narrative work, documentaries, and weddings shows a great interest in multiple forms of videography. 


My passion for photography is highlighted by my behind-the-scenes work, product photography, portraits, event documentation, and live music photography. 


Even though these genres convey different looks and styles, the mission remains the same: capturing authentic stories. 

I was born and grew up in Japan. I went to a university in Wellington, New Zealand. I’m currently based in Toronto, Canada, and Auckland, New Zealand. 

I am very much looking forward to hearing your story and delivering it to the world together.


Proudly Serving

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