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Memories「To Derail」

Updated: Jun 10, 2020


- To Derail

When I was in the 5th and 6th grades, my teacher often gave us the “time to derail”. It was the time outside our textbooks. He talked about his childhood…

His parents had a local candy shop business and he and his sister kept eating the products and that caused bankruptcy…

He once worked for the laboratory dissecting animals…

I found his stories just hilarious, I was really intrigued by them and always looked forward to them. The fact that the teacher called that time “to derail”, and also that he had some long path to come to be a teacher, was also interesting.

About when I was going to study abroad in New Zealand, my father sent me a text “Nothing will go well, so, take it easy”. It was not said in a negative tone, more of like, “just keep going as you can”.

Well many things happened; study and accommodation life went well; but not the relationship or career life. The text stayed in my mind along with many other memories and ideas, that I remember.

When I was listening to a podcast, one guy was talking about trust. When a disaster hits a community, a government tells people “Some people are gonna die, but we will deal with it” vs “There will be no problems”…in these 2 cases, people are gonna be sad anyways when they experience death. But, how people recover from the tragedy and the level of trust they will put in authority would be very different.

I could not get a full-time job thus could not get my visa extended in New Zealand, so I went back to Japan and met many people, I got fired and got a new job

, met so many more great people., and so on…the idea of derailing does not have to be supported necessarily, but admitting the possibility of it can be useful.

It is kind of a cliché, but, things happen. Prepare for the worst. The definition of the worst here is the opposite of what I want to happen. Just thinking about that possibility. It may be derailed, but how can that be used?...sort of.

Easy to say that but when someone broke up with me, even though I knew that it was gonna happen, it really sucked. The opposite case would be… I love a surprise party haha. That is the great derailing. I hope we can have surprise parties again. Fuck you COVID-19.

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