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Thoughts on Filming Live Music Show: Filming

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Filming Alone & Filming with Someone

The list below is a quick checklist that I consider on or share with someone who is kind enough to come to the set.


The biggest difference between the fixed 2nd camera and 2nd camera operator is the human feeling and intelligence. In order to maximize the advantage, you need to give directions.

I am no expert on directing someone, but when you are working with someone, that someone comes to the set with a blank page. Sure, they will bring experience and skills, but it is your job to inform what you want from that person.

Even if you want her/him to shoot as a freestyle, it is very important to tell them that.

In order to give direction, you need to know what you want from the filming.

Whatever you get from the 2nd camera controlled by an actual person, I guarantee that it will be better than the fixed camera, so, relax, and appreciate what you get and enjoy!


⁃ Cut in each song. 1 song, 1 cut, so that the number of video files from each camera will be the same, and it will be easier to sync them later.

I used to use PluralEyes to sync audio during the free trial period.

I strongly recommend it if you can afford it.

⁃ Film as if there isn't a second camera = Continuous fluid style.

Sometimes the second camera does not work well too when the 1st camera is having trouble. It is best not to rely on the backup. Style examples:

- Gentle vibe song = smooth and fluid motion?

- Upbeat song = Quick transition or radical shift of focus


- You are welcome to zoom in and focus on something that grabs your attention. (does not have to be always focusing on the main singer)

- If you are not sure of what to capture...

Stay on the main vocalist & Hold camera steady

- Look at the 2nd camera op...

What is the 2nd op capturing?

Wanna cover different angles than the 2nd op?

Is the audience getting excited? Maybe capture their move?

- Change the positions so that we will cover different angles during the intervals?

B-ROLES (IF you can)

- Take a few pics between the songs for thumbnails of the videos

- Shots of the audience, instruments, or the location, between songs as a separate cut

- Try a slower shutter speed to give a sense of motion or even slow motion?

Especially during the rehearsal.


⁃ You are welcome to go forward or get closer to the performers

(within a natural distance). - If anyone complains about where you stand, then give away space but also try to hold the camera steady while adjusting the position, IF it is possible, just if, it depends on the vibe.

⁃ If anyone offers you a drink or keeps talking to you, well maybe after the show? or point me and say we are filming, or just take it

(make sure it is not the edibles so that you can go home safely)


And, stay in touch! It will be always good to share with that person or any other people on the set about what went good, what could be improved, what excited them. Sharing feedback will help you vastly not only for the next shooting but also in the editing process too.

Next time, I will talk about editing I think!

Take care!!!

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