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Thoughts on Filming Live Music Show: Preparation

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Equipment & Location

Video Tutorial:

You will see an idiot running to the 2nd camera, fixed on a tripod because his first camera's SD card got filed up.

My primary camera's SD card got full so I splinted to the secondary camera, removed it from the tripod, and continued filming.

In order not to repeat this tragedy, I put some checklists together here.

I think this list can be used for collaborating with someone who has a camera that I have not used before.

(I am sorry if this is too basic)

List 1:

  • How long does your battery last when filming?

  • How long can your camera shoot a video as 1 cut?

  • How many batteries and memory cards do you have?

The numbers and conditions change as the tools are being used, but to have some ideas of when to pay attention can help you sleep at night well.

List 2:

When I get to the filming location, I think about the folloiwng things first

  • Where can I charge the batteries?

  • Can I set up extension cords / extra lights?

  • Where can I put the 2nd camera safely?

The audience can collide with your camera especially when the location is cozy.

Not only for the video but also for the safety of your camera, paying attention to your camera is a must. Having an assistant would be sooo helpful...

List 3:

Here is the setting I use in general, not when I shoot slow motions or anything special.

- Shutter Speed at 1/50 ・ 24fps

- ISO lower than 3200 (1600) - Matching 2 different cameras...↓

It is very hard to match different cameras, but to know the difference would help you think about how to shoot. It may be cool to shoot with totally different looks as well depending on what you are doing.

The information above is just a reference and there are so many other things that you should consider.

If you do have any suggestions, please let me know!

See you next time!

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